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Here is a taste of the small businesses you are supporting by shopping Local Carolina:


Hatchet Coffee is a friendly cafe and roastery with a passion for outdoor adventure! They offer specialty coffee roasted in-house, and we are proud to include their Blue Ridge Mountain Blend and coffee mug in our "Early Bird" box.


Mountains to Sea knows that the health of society, nature, and the economy are interwoven. They place special attention on the quality and the source of their ingredients! We carry their Appalachian Forest Bug Repel in our "Take a Hike" box AND their stunningly beautiful Amethyst Geode Bath Bomb in our "Treat Yourself" box.


Olde Colony Bakery is the oldest family-operated bakery in the historic Charleston area. Take it from us, all of their goodies are delicious! We have chosen their Lemon Snap Cookies and the CoCo Crisps for our "Early Bird" box!

Hey Neighbor!

In January of 2020, my partner and I began, what we thought, would be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. After two years of planning, downsizing, and saving, we moved into a 24 ft. travel trailer. We had big plans of hitting the road for a regional tour with our band, Courtney Lynn and Quinn. And then March rolled around, and we watched as our dream fell apart. Shows were canceled, venues closed their doors, and quarantine began. After a solid two months of denial and a few more of panic, we calmed down and realized our plans would have to change. I knew I wanted to do something to support my community and my family.

So, I started thinking, and that's when the idea of Local Carolina was born. It truly broke my heart to watch as staples of my community closed their doors, many for good. I realized It wasn't just the live music industry being effected by the pandemic, nearly every industry was hurting. Small businesses are still struggling, and in the age of the internet, it's become harder and harder for folks to connect to their local community, and frankly, to connect to know another. Local Carolina aims to bridge that gap.

We will scour the Carolina's in search of the very best locally-made products and carefully curated gift boxes to enjoy or share! We will be intentional about providing all the information needed so that our customers can find and support each business represented in the box, whether that be through us or not! We will spread a message of connection and gratitude, and we will lift up others every opportunity we get. Our primary goal is to make it more convenient for individuals to discover, enjoy, and support local businesses. Our customers get unique products and the confidence that their hard-earned dollars are supporting the local economy. There's beauty in the backyard, and we want to bring it to your doorstep!
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Local Carolina

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